• NZD 33.50
    Contains a powerful combination of essential probiotic bacterial flora suitable for all age groups. Lactobacillus acidophilus protects the GI tract, reduces lactose intolerance and controls yeast overgrowth.
    NZD 33.50
  • NZD 39.99

    Super Family C provides 24 hour Vitamin C activity to support everyday health, immunity & circulation. Scientifically formulated with esterified Vitamin C in combination with citrus bioflavonoids for enhanced activity in the body.

    NZD 39.99
  • NZD 16.50
    Carbonyl iron powder is a highly bioavailable form of iron that has a gentle action on the gastrointestinal function and therefore shows no side effects with use.
    NZD 16.50
  • NZD 31.99
    Clinicians Vitamin and Mineral Boost is a nutrient formulation that contains the major vitamins and minerals essential to human health.
    NZD 31.99
  • NZD 81.90
    Clinicians SlimWaist 50 Tablets
    NZD 81.90
  • NZD 24.50
    The ability to achieve or maintain a normal nights sleep is important and is one of the most common functions that people seek help for.
    NZD 24.50
  • NZD 42.60
    Clinicians PregaVit provides essential nutrients needed for the health of the mother and developing foetus during pregnancy.
    NZD 42.60
  • NZD 44.99

    Clinicians Rejuvenate with Hyaluronic acid contains ingredients that work synergistically to provide the building blocks for your body's synthesis of skin collagen. Rejuvenate is for skin elasticity and plumpness, skin hydration, collagen repair and Luscious hair and healthy nails.

    NZD 44.99
  • NZD 12.95
    Clinicians Antibiotic Support contains essential probiotic bacterial flora in a Vitamin B complex base with Vitamin K. It is a powerful combination of nutrients designed to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal function during and after antibiotic treatment.
    NZD 12.95

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