• NZD 31.75
    SleepDrops for Babies helps with all the different matters of why your little person may not be sleeping: Settles Teething Tears When infants are teething they can be distressed and restless, which can make it difficult for them to settle. 'SleepDrops for Babies' has additional homeopathics to help calm and soothe and to provide additional support for infants during the teething process. Soothing Formula For Sore Tums Sometimes the proteins in the mother's breast milk, or in baby's formula, can cause an allergic response and increase histamine levels. Histamine is an excitatory chemical that can cause increased alertness, a sore tummy, gas, colic - and a number of other digestive complaints - which can make your little one's nervous system fractious and emotional. 'SleepDrops for Babies' contains herbs which support a normal allergic response in the body.
    NZD 31.75
  • NZD 14.99
    The AVENT glass bottle sleeve is ideal for protecting your glass feeding bottles and is specially desgined to keep liquids either warm or cool. Due to the convenient opening, you can easily read the scale.
    NZD 14.99
  • NZD 55.99
    A handy collection including 4 Natural bottles (2x 4oz and 2x 9oz), a bottle and nipple brush, and a white transluscent pacifier 0 - 6 months. The new bottle makes bottle feeding more natural, for easy combining breast and bottle feeding.
    NZD 55.99
  • NZD 15.99
    With NUK Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM to help prevent baby colic
    NZD 15.99
  • NZD 224.99
    When you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk flows more easily. That's why we created our most comfortable breast pump yet: Sit comfortably with no need to lean forwards and let our soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow
    NZD 224.99
  • NZD 45.00
    Unimom is a well known proved brand all over the world. We are pleased to provide these products to you in New Zealand to save you costs. Parts and supplies available directly from us.
    NZD 45.00
  • NZD 159.99
    This breast pump is recommended for light to medium use, short-term or occasional expressing. Such as expressing once or twice per day. Also to help increase milk supply, or to relieve breast engorgement or infection.
    NZD 159.99
  • NZD 475.00

    Introducing the new Swing Maxi * Combining features of the award winning Swing breastpump with the powerful Freestyle aggregate for double pumping efficiency * Perfect for mothers looking for a simple and time-saving solution * Ideal to increase milk supply and for daily use * Effective simultaneous double pumping * 2-Phase Expression technology * Automatic and manual switch between phases * 9 different vacuum levels * Small, light, compact the option of battery or mains power * All parts that come in contact with breastmilk are BPA-free * Comes with Calma Teat & 2 bottles * Media Separations to prevent overflow

    NZD 475.00
  • NZD 49.00
    Unimom carry bag is made from durable, strong material and designed for easy transport of your breast pump , accessories and milk. Also an every day, quality nappy bag.
    NZD 49.00

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