• NZD 19.70
    Designed to work with CareSens Blood Glucose meters: CaresSens / CareSens II / CareSens POP. 5 Second test 0.5 uL Sample Accurate results Automatically draws blood into test strip
    NZD 19.70
  • NZD 29.50
    The Aircycle provides a natural means of arthritis care that helps to relieve pain and maintain joint flexibility. It also provides a means to gentle exercise to help build muscle strength and provide diabetic foot care whilst also reducing the chance of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and easing aches, cramps, pains and ankle swelling.
    NZD 29.50
  • NZD 33.90
    Used in New Zealand since 2009, the CareSens II has a large screen and large numerals useful for vision impaired people with diabetes. It stores 250 records on the meter or you can download your records to the PC Care software.
    NZD 33.90
  • NZD 6.50
    Hermesetas is the original calorie-free sweetener Indications: For calorie free sweetness in tea and coffee. Each tablet has the sweetening strength of one teaspoonful of sugar but none of the calories. Special Features Made in Switzerland Dosage: Place 1 Hermesetas tablet into your drink, tea, coffee,fruit,cereals. (1 tablet is equivalent to 1 level metric teaspoon of sugar)
    NZD 6.50
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    Valued at NZ$ 17.99 - you save 42.19%
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