Eye Health

  • NZD 24.99
    Opti-Free PureMoist Contact Lens Solution provides breakthrough wetting technology engineered to hydrate today's advanced lenses all day and well into the night for long lasting comfort.
    NZD 24.99
  • NZD 18.72

    Longer lasting, greater hydratvion for dry, tired eyes.

    NZD 18.72
  • NZD 13.99

    Clear Eyes Redness Eye Drops 15ml

    NZD 13.99
  • NZD 16.99

    Removes secretions, crusted matter and residue from around the eyes.

    NZD 16.99
  • NZD 19.99

    Soft contact lens cleaning solution provides disinfection and comfort for healthy lens wear.

    NZD 19.99
  • NZD 68.99
    Features the most environmentally sustainable Manuka Honey Active 20+. Suited to most skin types especially oily skin.
    NZD 68.99
  • NZD 64.99
    This luxury formulation introduces Persian silk flower blended with revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Grape seed and kiwi skin to brighten delicate skin.
    NZD 64.99
  • NZD 14.95
    The drops do more than just rewet lenses -a few drops of the exclusive dual-cleansing formula gently flushes away debris and protein buildup
    NZD 14.95
  • NZD 14.30
    Blink Intensive Tears Lubricating Eye Drops is for the temporary relief of burning, irritation, and discomfort due to dryness of the eye or exposure to wind or sun. Blink Intensive Tears can bring you relief with every blink of your eyes.Blink Intensive Tears Lubricating Eye Drops have an advanced viscosity enhanced formulation that can hold moisture in the eye for over 60 minutes. it is clinically shown to improve tear film stability and improve vision quality. It adapts to your dry eye needs for longer-lasting relief and replenishes your tear film each time you blink.Blink Intensive Tears Lubricating Eye Drops is gentle enough to use as often as needed to provide long lasting relief and protection from irritation and discomfort of dry eyes. It may also be used as a protectant against further irritation.Blink Intensive Tears Lubricating Eye Drops uses OcuPure
    NZD 14.30

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